Debt Repayment & Consumer Proposal Calculator

Debt Options Calculator

Our debt calculator provides a comparison of what your monthly debt repayment might look like under different debt relief options including a debt consolidation loan, debt management plan and consumer proposal. Actual results may vary as each situation is unique.  Your actual payments will be based on your income, assets and debts but this calculator provides a comparison of the potential savings of each option.

Simply enter your total unsecured debt, including credit card debt, bank loans, lines of credit, payday loans and tax debts. Do not include mortgage or secured car loans.

Enter Your Total Unsecured Debt

To Eliminate Your Debt
Monthly Payment (approximate)
Over 5 Years
Total Cost
Over 5 Years
Total Savings
Over 5 Years
Consumer Proposal
Settlement For Less Than Principal debt amount

Credit Counselling
No Negotiate principal reduction

Debt Consolidation
With on going applied interest cost

Repay Debt on Your Own
Monthly payment with on going interest cost

This is a simple comparison of why a consumer proposal is often the most beneficial way to eliminate debt.

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