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Can a Debt Collection Agency Sue You In Canada?

Can A Debt Collection Agency Sue You In Canada

Can a Debt Collection Agency Sue You In Canada? Yes, a debt collection agency can sue you for outstanding debt. The process is more complex than the agencies make it seem. They have the right to take you to court for unpaid debt; however, they are unlikely to act on this, especially if you don’t […]

Insolvency Explained – Everything You Need to Know About Insolvency

what is insolvency

When hearing the term “insolvency,” most people automatically think it means they can’t pay their debt anymore and are bankrupt. While insolvency means that you can’t repay your debt because your debts are greater than the value of your assets, and declaring bankruptcy is a legal process to help people struggling with debt, there are […]

What to Do If You Face a CERB Audit?

cerb audit canada

I. Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of Canadians, some seeing their working hours and income severely reduced while others lost their employment completely. As a response, the Canadian government installed the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit). The CERB was a financial support program by the federal government to support employed and self-employed Canadians […]

How Long Does Bad Credit Stay on Your Credit Report in Canada?

I. Introduction A credit report is a snapshot of your financial history. Depending on the credit bureau, it generally includes: Identifying information, such as your name, current and previous addresses, Social Insurance Number, phone number, date of birth and current and previous employers. Credit history, which is a history of your payments to credit grantors […]