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Who We Are

With headquarters in North York, Ontario, Risman and Zysman Inc. has 40 years of experience providing quality debt solutions. We understand the fears and frustrations of individuals and businesses facing financial difficulty. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team of trustees treat each client like the top priority, presenting them with a full range of options and guiding them to make the right choices so they can move forward.

Risman and Zysman Inc. offers a spectrum of services tailored to meet the varied needs of individuals and businesses, including:

  • Formal insolvency appointments
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Credit counselling
  • Consumer and business proposals
  • Receiverships and interim receiverships

Find out how you can be debt free in 5 years! Contact us for a confidential free consultation. Risman and Zysman Inc. your trustee in Bankruptcy.

Commitment to Quality

When your financial issues appear insurmountable, you need a bankruptcy firm you can trust. With extensive experience working with both individuals and corporations, the team of trustees at Risman and Zysman Inc. is committed to setting clients down the path to financial security.

What sets Risman and Zysman Inc. apart is our commitment to upholding core values which ensure clients’ needs are met competently, efficiently and with respect.

  • Confidentiality. When dealing with financial issues and bankruptcy, our qualified trustees treat clients with sensitivity and professionalism. We take our commitment to adhering to a strict confidentiality policy seriously. Creating an honesty atmosphere free of blame and judgement, Risman and Zysman Inc. has positioned itself as the bankruptcy firm clients can trust to do the job right.
  • Two-Way Communication. Committed to working with our clients to find a debt solution tailored to meet their needs, Risman and Zysman Inc. values honesty and transparency in communication. Our team arms clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions, and is available to answer questions and address clients concerns so they can move confidently move toward a more secure financial future.
  • Support. Our team is dedicated to standing behind our clients from point of assessment onward until they are on track to financial stability. When you are facing aggressive creditors and need to devise a solution that works for you, Risman and Zysman Inc. is in your corner, negotiating on your behalf so you can move forward.

Find out

How you can be debt free in 5 years!

Contact us for a confidential free consultation. Risman and Zysman Inc. – your trustee in Bankruptcy.

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